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Communicating YOUR conference message
Simply and Effectively to delegates is vital

Choosing the CORRECT PLATFORM to communicate YOUR IMPORTANT MESSAGE is also vital and the ULTIMATE GOAL to ensure attendees Understand and Digest the Objectives both immediately + long-term.

With Commitment, Empathy & Sincerity, Lingua Franca International will work with you to Communicate Successfully.

YOUR Conference…

working as a team to create…

YOUR ultimate goal

Content | venue | creativity | message

Enhance the successful communication of YOUR message.

Duration | support

Hourly - daily - weekly - monthly or annually, experienced, committed support [with empathy], to promote YOUR message.

Creativity | suitability | expertise

Vision – sound – sense or surreal, a memorable experience at a venue tailored to suit YOUR message.

Effective | objective | complete

Measurable solutions – simple or complex, turnkey solutions to convert the reality of YOUR message.


Competitive negotiations & arrangements with hotel groups and airlines, to maximise YOUR budget.


Small to 'Blue-Chip' Organisations – Independents - Manufacturers - Service Providers / Authorities to International Governments. LINGUA FRANCA INTERNATIONAL has and continues to provide Successful Solutions and Support
for many since establishment in 1994.

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